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How to choose the best oil for your car’s engine | SAE |

How to choose the best oil for your car‘s engine. Greetings friends welcome today I am going to explain to you, there are several types of oil and I am going to explain how you should choose them so that your car’s engine is running in the best conditions.

Oil has several functions and one of them that is the most important is to lubricate all parts

Engine movable to protect it from wear, if it is the main function, but also the oil helps us to evacuate the heat generated in the engine, it also helps us to obtain high fuel efficiency and finally to remove all impurities such as dust that has leaked into the engine’s combustion chambers.

All this is achieved at the moment we change the engine oil.

The 1st question we ask ourselves is: in the market we have several types of oil,

How do we choose the right one?

An important fact that you should know is that all oil distribution companies place in their commercial lubricant containers a denomination that begins with the following initials or denomination:

SAE is an institution that is in charge of controlling the qualities of oils.

Let’s see an example SAE 10 w 30, it has an initial number, a letter w and another number at the end, this is types of oil called multigrade, and they are the ones that are advisable to use in the engines of our cars.

How to choose our oil?.

We have several types of oil on the market among them, we can find the 10 w 30 the 10 w 40 another can be 20 w 50, etc. Now we are going to explain little by little what each of these numbers means and how to use them with this identification.

  • 1st number indicative that the oil works in certain conditions of low temperatures, in general the engines cool down when we stop using them during the night and in the morning, it is really when the oil should protect the engine start, if we are not going to have premature engine wear, then these numbers here indicate that the oil is optimal for low temperatures.
  • 2nd the W (Winter) but sometimes the temperature can drop in the summer mornings and makes the engine not start correctly.

then we can choose the number before the w it can be a 0 it can be a 5 it can be a 10 it can be a 15 and up to 20.

With this we correct the wear when starting the engine.

Finally, the last number can be a 30 or a 40 to a 50 or a 60 which is the viscosity of the oil to operate above 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

How properly protect the engine?.

Knowing these data, how should wehow to choose the best oil for your car?.

Have the following before buying your motor oil:

A- Know what the average temperature is throughout the year in your country.

B- Verify that the oil casing has the lid seal intact and the internal aluminum part properly sealed to avoid altering the content.

C- If the temperature is less than 0 degrees, they should use an oil that is 0 w 30 or 0 w 40.

Finally, there is a Society that is the API, which is in charge of giving a certification that the oils that we are buying are recommended to have a high fuel efficiency.

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