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2014 Honda civic oil change? Special near me !!

2014 Honda Civic oil change will make a list of tasks to perform preventive mantenimieto this wonderful car of Honda, it is important to choose the best oil in the market, because your car deserves.

Follow the steps you can make the oil change yourself.


  1. Oil filter wrench.
  2. Oil filter PF2057.
  3. 4-5 quarts motor oil 0w20 the manufacturer could also use the 5w30 if the temperature in your country does not drop below 0.
  4. Drain tray.
  5. Oil funnel.
  6. Fluted screwdriver.
  7. Number 17 copper flat washer.
  8. Gallon of used oil.

How many liters of oil does a 2014 Honda Civic carry?

Honda Civic 2014 2.4L 1.9 liter engine
Honda Civic 2014 1.8L 1.4 liter engine

How to change the oil in a 2014 honda civic?

  1. Step to change the oil.
  2. Raise the hood
  3. Let the vehicle cool for 1 hour.
  4. Remove the dipstick.
  5. Remove the oil plug from the cap.
  6. Drive the car up a ramp or use a well.
  7. Remove the lower protective cap that covers the Carter Cap.
  8. Locate under the drain screw the tray where you will deposit the used engine oil.
  9. Remove the drain screw with a number 17 spanner, remove the washer that has the screw to replace it. Observation be careful that the oil will come out with a little pressure.
  10. Allow the oil to drain completely.
  11. Use a filter wrench to loosen the filter. Be aware that a little oil will drip.
  12. Remove the dirt under the filter outlet with a cloth.
  13. Uncap a quarter of the oil and dab some on the rubber seal of the new filter.
  14. Put the new filter back in place and just hand tighten.
  15. Take the drain screw and install the new flat copper washer.
  16. Reinstall the drain screw in its place, tighten well with the 17 knurled wrench.
  17. Put the dust cover or protective cap on the Carter.
  18. Lower the cart if you used a platform.
  19. Place the funnel in the engine oil inlet.
  20. Put the oil in the engine.
  21. Remove the funnel.
  22. Install the oil plug.
  23. Insert the oil dipstick.
  24. Crank the engine for 1 minute.
  25. Turn off the engine and check the oil level with the dipstick.
  26. Insert the rod if everything is ok.
  27. Take the gallon of used oil and deposit in the oil removed from the engine now properly dispose of the oil while protecting the environment.
  28. Write down the current mile on a ticket and add 5000 to know when the next change is due.
  29. Reset the oil gauge on your car.
  30. Press Menu found on the steering wheel.
  31. Select vehicle information.
  32. Choose maintenance information.
  33. In the option Oil life press reset.
  34. Confirm yes and press ok. It will present you the maintenance has been reset.
  35. Oil change completed.

2014 Honda Civic Oil Change Frequency.

Honda recommends replacing the oil every 6 months, that is, twice a year or every 5000 km of travel, this in case your vehicle does not have the option to record the maintenance applied in the pc.

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